Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017

Dome electronics

Of course the dome must have some lights and sound.
Therefore i bought some led's in the right colours. And Ian had a small box with additional led' in different colours and sizes, too.
Here is the dome with a look in side...

On the Internet i bought some battery boxes (with on/off switches integrated) for 3 and four 1,5 v Batterie. So i can usd the soldered electronics and the single led's. They run on 4,5 v and 6 v.

Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017

Primering and Painting

you guessed it; again a time consuming part of the build!

oh, i forgot to mention the dismantling of some of the ring elements! the inner shells didn´t really fit into the rings! here is what i mean...

so "breaking" the four segments, adding the inner shell, put everything back together and glueing them again.
after this action, there were some small gaps, that had to be refilled. therefore i used some fine putty. sanding was the next step.

when the surface was smooth enough, a grey primer could be applied as to be seen on the above pic!

then again some fine sanding and the first of three layers of orange paint found it´s way to the plastic surface!

Montag, 4. Dezember 2017

Panel works

It's time consuming to work on the shell parts of bb-8.
There was a big issue with the sectioned parts of them. I had to reopen the outer ring elements, to get them better fixed to the inner shells.
And after this another masking of the inner panels was necessary; the outer rings got a new special glue and the surface had to be smoothened with some fine putty.

After the sanding process, another coat of primer had to be applied. Then again some sanding and the final step, the orange paint could be painted.

four more to go!!